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Richard Allwine is a landscape artist whose paintings are enchantingly realistic, highly detailed and evoke a utopian vision of nature. As an artist, Mr. Allwine's work exhibits a high level of finished quality reflecting a deep commitment to the aesthetics of landscape painting reaching back through time to artists such as Claude Lorrain, Jan Brueghel and John Constable.

The compositional strength of Mr. Allwine's paintings is a result of meticulously detailed preparatory drawings which are transferred faithfully to the canvas and then refined again during the painting process as the elements of color, harmony and improvisation come into play. The result is a highly detailed, yet flexibly composed painting that pleases both the spirit and the eye.

After ten years of self-instruction, with short stints at the Schuler School and the Zoll Studio, Mr. Allwine's perfectionistic instinct urges on his development, promising even finer and more ambitious work in the future.

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