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Richard Allwine first became interested in painting in the early 1990s, after completing his Masters Degree in piano at Indiana University.

During this initial period, he taught himself various decorative painting techniques, including marbleizing, wood-graining and the use of glazes. Subsequently, he taught himself and began a business in ornamental plaster restoration, mold-making and casting. His plaster and paint work can be seen in many of the ornate, 19th century homes in the Mt. Vernon and Bolton Hill neighborhoods of Baltimore.

After intensive study of drawing and perspective, Mr. Allwine made the transition to fine art. He has been painting on canvas and panel since 1998 when he began teaching himself by copying the paintings and techniques of John Constable and Claude Lorrain While being largely self-taught, he spent short periods at both The Schuler School and the Matt Zoll studio in Baltimore, MD, both of which yielded a grounding in the craft of painting.

Not being drawn to or wishing to conform to any one particular existing style or method of painting, Mr. Allwine has spent over a decade developing his own style and technique in the painting of landscape. Mr. Allwine’s painting captures the random, yet ordered architecture of nature through the use of multiple layers of paint and glaze and a meticulous attention to detail.

Mr. Allwine was invited to exhibit two of his paintings, "Seaport at Dawn" and "The Embarkation of the Queen of Sheba (after Claude)" at the prestigious London Biennale 2015 at the Chelsea Old Town Hall in January, 2015. His work was well-received and garnered attention (see link below).



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